How to Ruin Your Wedding

"Why would he even say that?"

  "Rude!"  I know that's what you're thinking.  Yet, it happens more than I am comfortable admitting.  I've seen it first hand, the perfect day go down in flames.  I know all the tricks and am happy to share.  So if you're in the middle of planning the "most wonderful day of your life", but subconsciously want to ensure that it devolves into a string of terrible memories that will leave a lasting stain on your reputation and family history, read on.  

Here is a brief outline of what it takes to create a wedding day that no one will ever forget, no matter how hard they try.  To get the full guide, sign up on the right and we'll get you everything you need to get started.

1. You have to be committed

With so many excited people around you pouring out positive energy and well wishes, ruining your own wedding actually takes some effort on your part.  Training yourself early on in the process is crucial.  Otherwise, you may find yourself halfway through your wedding getting swept up in the merriment of the moment rather than intensifying the drama.

2. You need the right people

A good supporting cast is essential to every gripping drama.  Weddings are no exception.  Without the right people around, your day might go down in history as a joyous and classy affair where two lovebirds started a life together.  How's that going to get you on YouTube?  

3. Execution is everything

Leaving a lasting impression on everyone involved in your day is less about what you do and more about how you do it. This is no time for playing small.  You're on stage.  You have the microphone.  This is your time baby!


Please know that I'm in no way advocating negativity or premeditated drama on a wedding day.  I agree with most that it just sounds awful.  Why go through all of that planning for a wedding and not thoroughly enjoy it?  I have asked that same question and noticed that even the worst of the scenarios I've witnessed started out with good intentions.

You only get one chance at ruining your first wedding.  If you're ready to up your game, please download my guide so you can operate at a professional level.  Just know, that somewhere out there, a therapist is shopping for a nice big boat that will eventually have your name on it.

If the very thought of all of this disgusts you, then you too might want to download my guide and read about the pitfalls that I've seen the sweetest of brides with the best of intentions fall into.  Your move.


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