President of the NCSC

The North Carolina Society of the Cincinnati is a unique group indeed.  Founded in Hillsborough, N. C. on 23 October 1783, and now headquartered in Raleigh, it is one of thirteen such Societies organized in the closing days of the Revolutionary War by officers of the American army, whose descendants constitute the present membership.  

Yes, you read that correctly.  Each member is a direct descendent of a revolutionary officer and the history they have helped keep alive over these past centuries is incredible.  As the nation’s oldest hereditary military organization, the mission of the Society of the Cincinnati is to perpetuate the ideals of those patriots who, risking their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor in the struggle for independence, gave birth to the United States of America.

It was a pleasure to spend part of an afternoon with Mr. Parker creating his official Presidential  portrait at the Society's Raleigh Headquarters.

How will history remember you? Okay, that's heavy, and we just met, so I'll take the pressure off and begin again by introducing myself. My mission is to help you answer that first question. I want to show you and your world in a way you haven't seen before and at some point hopefully incite a small riot inside your head. An unapologetic Gen-X warrior for self-expression, I help people tell their stories. Not just the pretty and polished, "made for Linkedin" version, but the real essence of their legacy. At my core, I'm a visual artist. The still photographic image has been my story telling medium for decades. Now I use words, images and on the rare occasion images in motion to push others to be more, do more and express more than they originally thought was reasonable. Are you still reading this? Really? I'm impressed. Moving on... I am Southern, though not fried. In my view, Bar-b-que should be enjoyed with any sauce on hand at the time. There is no need to quibble over which style of sauce best compliments. The real question is, "slaw or hushpuppies?" The correct answer is, "yes!".