Before & After- Makeup

Now that it's possible to photoshop everything within an inch of it's life, I have overheard people saying that they get a little sloppy with their makeup knowing that they can simply ask the photographer to fix or enhance it later.  I have a better idea.  Get a professional makeup artist instead.  

Here is a before/ after of a demonstration video that I just shot with Ashley Mooney.  We used simple window light.  I put my camera on a tripod which never moved. The angle and quality of the light was consistent from start to finish and there is ZERO editing or computer magic done on either image.  Bottom line, no camera or lighting tricks were used  to get these results.  It's all in the makeup.

Since I witnessed all of the different stages of makeup being applied, I didn't fully appreciate the magnitude of the transformation until I saw the first and last images on my camera.  I can say with all sincerity that I was astounded by the transformation.  Our model Sarah walked in beautiful, she walked out even more so.