Behind the Scenes at Union Camp Collective

 A brand new drop top Rolls, a family sized Bentley and a funky little slice of heaven called Union Camp Collective were the building blocks for this image.  Add in twelve DJs and you have the makings for something phenomenal, or a total clusterfuck and honestly, sometimes I don't even know which until the whole thing comes together.  I think we landed more toward the phenomenal end of the spectrum, but I'm not the judge of these things.

Use the slider above to see the complete before and after. The left side is straight out of camera.

Every year I get together with my friends at Bunn DJ Company to create their team photo. For the last couple of years a theme has emerged where the concept of the image is to pay homage to a work of art or artist(s) that we admire.  For last year's theme, we gave a nod to Tarantino.  This year, we created a composite that would tip a hat to several different artists from both visual and musical spaces.  Do you see the nod to Tupac? How about Frank, or my man Dave?

Shooting this was pretty straight forward, I set the guys up and lit them one at a time (see the before photo, that's me!) Then smashed all of their crisply lit faces onto the tarmac of some distant jetport.  Shooting this took less than an hour, post production, roughly 13 hours and comprised just over twenty individual image layers.

Wait...Is that Randy B. hanging from a helicopter?

Why yes, yes it is.  That was part of the plan too, as was featuring one of the guys who could not attend in person on the closest available t-shirt.  Only, I didn't really know if the helicopter bit was going to work, so we set up the main shot both with and without Randy just in case.

 DJ Randy B enjoys a refreshing beverage and salutes his adoring fans whilst hanging from his imaginary helicopter skid .

DJ Randy B enjoys a refreshing beverage and salutes his adoring fans whilst hanging from his imaginary helicopter skid .

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