My name is James and I help people and organizations tell their story

How does your company engage your audience?  How will history remember you?  Okay, that's heavy, and we just met, so I'll take the pressure off and begin again by introducing myself.  

My mission is to help you answer that first question in a way that will also address the second one.  I want to show you and your world in a way you haven't seen before and at some point hopefully incite a small riot inside your head.  An unapologetic Gen-X crusader for self-expression, I help people tell their stories and engage with their audience.  Not just the pretty and polished, "made for Linkedin" version, but the real essence of their legacy.  

At my core, I'm a visual artist.  The still photographic image has been my story telling medium for decades.  Now, I use words, both still, and moving images to push others to be more, do more and express more than they originally thought was reasonable.

I'm the author of the book Accessory to Marriage- Chronicles of Outrageousness from My Life as a Wedding Photographer. (yes, that's a seriously long title) It's a memoir of sorts.  A collection of stories about things I've witnessed over the many years of being close to people who were celebrating their relationships.  Sometimes things go awry during celebrations, and everyone loves a juicy story, so it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Are you still reading this? Really? I'm impressed.  Moving on...

I call this next section my corporate dating profile.  It's a lot of the info you're dying to know about me in order to establish an engaging working relationship while omitting any awkward, romantic intentions.  The format and questions were taken from an actual dating web site- you know, for authenticity purposes.

My Self Summary

  • I'm a creative, professional and surround myself with people who innovate and also make me laugh. I manage to keep it classy, but admit to having a bit of an inappropriate sense of humor at times.

  • I'm Southern, but not fried (in the least) My manners are Southern, my accent is not. (Unless you're from Boston, in which case everyone you meet here will seem to have a Southern accent)

  • An INFP, (Meyers Briggs) I focus on creating the future as it could be, rather than accepting what others may perceive as current reality. I hire others to mind the details because looking at spreadsheets gives me a rash.

  • I love the arts. Mostly visual arts, but can appreciate performing arts when the mood strikes or the wine is good.

  • I get along with most anyone as long as they don't show up late for things.

  • If you talk about sports, my defense mechanism is to stare blankly as if in a protective coma, nod and quickly change the subject. If that doesn't work, I might accidentally start a small fire so we can evacuate the building. I acknowledge that sports exist. I'm afraid that's as far as I can take it.

  • I love music, but not really concerts. Loud, crowded places? Dear god no. I do however throw down some serious karaoke from time to time.

  • I enjoy passionate people as long as they're not preachy about politics, religion, being vegan, crossfit, their cats, baby seals or "the man holding us down".

  • I stop by the gym nearly every day, but only because there's a traffic light right outside of it and it's sometimes on my way home. I've never gone in and when the light turns green I keep driving. If I want to lift weights, I think about all of the world's hungry children, 'cause that's heavy.

What I'm Doing With My Life

Running a business, informing and inspiring others, raising small humans, eating, sleeping, repeat daily.

I'm Really Good At

  • Connecting two or more completely random tangents

  • Making nothing out of something and though I've never tried it, I bet I would be good at hostage negotiation

  • Oh, I can cook! For real cooking, like Grandma taught me

  • Creating a calming effect on those around me when needed

Favorite Books, Movies, Shows, Music, and Food

Books- I read a lot and still like the good old fashioned paper kind. My reading is prioritized to include mostly non-fiction. Recently read were Outwitting the Devil, Motivation Manifesto, Power of Habit, the Like Switch and Happiness Project. Favorite book in any category would have to be Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Love Savannah! I do read a little bit of fiction, like Dean Koontz and just read Beautiful Ruins recently which felt like more of a journey than a story.

Movies and TV- Ain't nobody got time for that! If I want to sit on my posterior and watch other people live life, I'll go to the park. If I want to watch a zombie show, then I'll go to the mall.  

Music- All you need to know is that R.E.M. is the greatest Southern rock band of all time. If you don't agree, then, that's ok I guess, but I have no idea what else we'll talk about. I also like other classics like the Beastie Boys, Chilli Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins and Connells. Obviously, someone went to college in the early 90s...

I was born, well, a minute or two ago, and raised in a time when Frankie said "RELAX!"  and  Depeche Mode, MJ, and Duran Duran were huge influences.  I will also take a stand in saying that I prefer Van Halen's Sammy years over Diamond Dave.  

Now that I'm all grown up, I prefer music that can evoke the imagination with layering and complexity. Wax Tailor and Beck are favorites.  Not ashamed to admit that some of Lana Del Ray's stuff rocks my world a little.

Food- Yeah love it.  You can take me anywhere, Not a picky eater.
Bar-b-que should be enjoyed with any sauce on hand at the time. Eastern style? Western Style?  Forget that! There is no need to quibble over which style of sauce best compliments. The real question is, "slaw or hushpuppies?" The correct answer is, "yes!". 

We should go ahead and get this out of the way though because it might be a deal breaker.  I don't like the taste of beer.  Strange I know, but I even try it again every once in a while thinking my taste buds will change and, well, I got nothin'.  More for you though.

I Spend A Lot of Time Thinking About

How much things change over time. Do you recall being a kid and almost every commercial on TV was about soap? There was Coast, Palmolive (remember Madge soaking her fingers?) there was SafeGuard and Zest, Irish Spring and Dial, Dove and Ivory.  I can still remember all of the Jingles. There must have been some serious personal hygiene issues to overcome in the mid 80s.

Now on the rare occasion I watch network news, all of the commercials are for drugs that will solve your problems if you live through the side effects. Have you ever noticed that dry mouth, tongue swelling and redness are always on the list? I digress...

On a Typical Friday Night I Am

Sometimes plotting world domination, sometimes dominating karaoke night. Other times, a restaurant maybe, or a road trip. I like to get out. No sitting on the couch for this guy.

You Should Message Me If

  • You have a story to tell or a message to get out into the world and need help boiling complex ideas into compelling written or visual media.

  • You need to train your team or yourself on the power of presenting your story to the right audience in the right format at the right time.

  • You are looking for a collaborative partner to help you promote your brand, your products or ideas.

  • You're in the mood for some bar-b-que.